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Bettering Super District 9

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  Everyone deserves to feel safe

and navigate the city without fear

despite the zip code or an

individual’s financial status. It’s time

we put our money where our mouth

is to fund solutions that boost quality

of life and thus reduce crime while improving neighborhood safety.

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        As a business owner, I know the           challenges one may experience to just get started. I also understand how empowering it can be to build a business to be proud of and to provide for my family. I support those who start businesses and those who provide the tools to help businesses grow.

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 I believe a key component in

 moving Memphis forward is to make

   sure we T.I.E. (train, interest, educate) in

  our youth. Training our youth with valuable

life and job skills to become is essential to our city’s growth.  The more we engage with youth around us, the more we are able to identify their interests and can help develop pathways for turning their hobbies into something long term.  Educating our youth on their options, consequences, and their community are key

    to helping them put their best foot


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Community members

deserve to feel seen and heard

   year round, not just when it’s

election time. You deserve to have a councilperson who is available, listens, and is dependable despite the circumstance.  District 9 needs a leader that will show up for them.

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Mental Health



  Your wealth doesn’t

   determine your mental health.

Good and bad occurrences are a natural part of life for us all. It’s important to have readily available persons and services when someone is struggling to cope.  Support is often the difference in someone’s success or         their setback. I’m committed to           finding funding to maintain

mental health support.

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    As our community grows,

  we must assess and adjust our

 infrastructure. The right lanes on Poplar

   Avenue are still hit or miss.  Everytime the

 wind blows, many of us wonder if loss of power

is soon to follow. No one wants to spend their money on car repairs after hitting a pothole or replacing groceries after an extended power  outage. Whether home or apartment, personal      car or public transit, local or visiting, we should

    all be able to successfully move about

 Memphis with ease and access to reliable utilities.

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   For our beloved

        Memphis to reach its highest              potential, we must work together.

 We have to learn what makes our neighbors unique. We must begin highlighting our skills and talents that will help move Memphis forward. We    must work to develop people and             good policies in order to build

 strong communities that work

for everyone.

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  Housing is the cornerstone

 of a healthy, prosperous community.

 Whether you live in Cordova, the Poplar

  Corridor, Midtown or anywhere in between,

you deserve to have a residence that you are proud to call home. Out of town developers are purchasing properties at an elevated rate which exacerbates the virtually non-existent connection developers have with the community and make it         harder to find a permanent place to land. I           commit to keeping residents front of mind

 while seeking innovative and strategic

ways to ensure housing stability.

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We fuel what we fund. Education is involved in every aspect of our lives. Tomorrow’s leaders are today’s students.  Funding educational enrichment opportunities means funding personal and professional pathways to success.

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