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More On Benji

Being open-minded is not just a trait for Benji, but a core principle that guides his decision-making process.  He believes that the best solutions emerge from a diversity of perspectives and that our city can only progress if we are willing to challenge our assumptions, engage in constructive dialogue, and embrace change.


In this race, he’s challenging an incumbent who represents the status quo and is more interested in developing buildings outside the district versus developing people and good policies in the district.  Benji offers an alternative vision for Memphis—one that is thoughtful, reliable, and transparent.  He firmly believes that representation matters. Everyone in our community deserves a voice at the table and Benji is running to make sure those voices are heard.


Benji is not just running for the Memphis City Council Super District 9-Position 1, he’s running for you, for your families, for our neighbors, and for our future. Together, we can build a Memphis that has safe neighborhoods, reliable leadership, strong communities and is reflective of all its citizen’s hopes and dreams. Vote for change. Vote for better. Vote for Benji.

Benji is also the proud Dog Dad of "Butter."  As Benji was preparing to run for office, Butter crossed the rainbow bridge.  Butter was a significant part of Benji's life and wanted to make sure he was included in his public service pursuits.

I want to spend my life helping folks, the rest of my life doing that.

Benji Smith

Benji For Memphis City Council District Super 9, Position 1
Butter Butter Boo Boo Bear,Best Doggie Any Where. 2008 - 2023
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