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Benji For Memphis - Memphis Election Day is October 5th



    Meet Benji

    Benji Smith is a devoted father and husband who made Memphis his home more than 30 years ago.  He enjoys skateboarding, dancing, and exploring the great outdoors. These activities are more than just hobbies for Benji.  They're an embodiment of his commitment to living a balanced, healthy, and engaged lifestyle.  This is also reflected in his involvement as a trained ballroom dancer, as well as youth engagement within the skating community.


    Creativity and enterprise are at the heart of his vision for Memphis. As your future Memphis City Council member for Super District 9-Position 1, he is committed to driving initiatives that encourage innovation, stimulate economic growth, and provide opportunities for every citizen to realize their potential.


    Empathy is central to his outlook on public service.  Benji believes in listening before speaking and understanding before acting.  He is committed to understanding the diverse perspectives of our community, to engaging with the realities that our neighbors face every day, and to implementing policies that address their unique needs and aspirations.


    Let’s Connect

    Phone Number: 901-606-7847    /     Email:   

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